Seattle Event Photography and Videography Services for Events

Event Photos and Videos in Seattle

Chris Landry is an expert event photographer and videographer with years of experience shooting photos and recording videos for events in Seattle, Washington. The city is alive with sights and sounds to color your senses, making the ideal environment for professional media services to capture these moments for life. Seattle is a popular destination for photographers across the world, with a mix of urban and natural landscapes. Trust Chris Landry with your professional and personal photo or video needs. From parties to corporate learning tools, his creative ability is multidimensional.

Conferences, Trade Shows, and Conventions

Photos are ideal for featuring speakers and organizers to highlight an interview or report, while videos make for a lasting resource to share long after the event has concluded. You can use the photos afterward to help promote future trade show events by going onto and printing out copies. You might have an online marketing campaign for your event, and you’ll want stunning images that showcase the essence of your event. Images and short videos are perfect ways to get some extra eyes on your event and bring in people who may have never heard about it before. As well, you’ll have a visual record for future reference as to what the event looked like, and how people were reacting. Not only can you use this for future planning, but it can provide a recollection of memories and fun times that you and others can share and reminisce about. If you are looking to make an impression at your trade show, convention, etc. you may want to look into LED displays from companies like It can promote you massively and look great in your official photos.

Contact Chris for photography or videography at your next trade show, conference, company gathering or other group setting. Larger events are no challenge for Chris, as he is experienced in multiple avenues for global companies and foundations.

Corporate Gatherings and Company Meetings

Seattle is the city of business and technology, allowing for a wide range of business needs in media and outreach. The internet has transformed how we portray ourselves and our companies, with more refinement and personality needing to be found in just a single photo or short video. People today are busy, especially in the ever growing Seattle, and in order to fully capitalize on any type of marketing you’ll need to catch their attention fast. With a few well placed still shots, or a snappy but entertaining and informative video, you can spread the word about your business. Not only will people be able to see what you do more clearly, they’ll also be able to see who you are as a company, and what you stand for. Collaborate with Chris on a photography and videography collection to enhance the presence of your business while creating a larger presence in the marketplace. Meetings, happy hours, celebrations, and holiday parties are perfect opportunities to gather shareable content to elevate your online existence.

Holiday Parties and Birthday Celebrations

From holiday parties to birthday celebrations, Chris has experience in private, family gatherings to provide a sharp eye and sense of style with his work. Highlight the smiles and stories of generations in a perfectly timed photo and heart-warming video of your loved ones. Cherish the moments for a lifetime and retell the story of your party online or in a photo album. You’ll be working with a professional who can capture the special moments during your event. These events are when people come together in celebration and happiness, and share their joy and love for one another and for what has brought them together. Secure your photo or video package for your next event and create the gift of memories for both you and your guests.

Charity, Fundraisers, and Gala Photography

Galas and conventions are impactful occasions that raise awareness for a variety of global issues. Your reach and influence to future supporters will multiply with beautiful digital media from Chris Landry. The excitement of reaching a donation goal or announcing a new benchmark in support is perfectly illustrated in your photos and videos as Chris keeps an eagle eye view on the entire event. These types of events offer a unique opportunity for all involved. Not only will you be supporting a cause, but you’ll be building a community around that. Chris Landry is capable of capturing this comradery in action. You’ll be able hiring an expert in capturing life, laughter, and heart when you work with Landry.

Sports Photography and Videography

Dynamic, fast paced, and hard to capture, sports photos and videos are no challenge for Chris Landry. He executes lightning fast reflexes and powerful lens features to develop the most interesting moments from your game, tournament, or victory celebration. The live action of your games can be saved forever in a digital video file to share across your social media or with colleagues. The photographs and videos he provides will capture the action, the excitement, and the life of your sports related event.

Press Conferences and PR Photography

Promotions benefit greatly from professional photography and videography services. Corporate gatherings and company meetings are ideal situations to produce team photos or digital marketing material for websites and social media and can then go on to be used for other marketing material such as branded clothing. By capturing the life and goals of your company in images and videos you’ll be better able to share your messages with the public. PR is important for the success of any business, and by taking advantage of a skilled photographer and videographer you’ll be able to more efficiently reach out to the world and draw people in.

Natural, yet professional, Chris Landry executes his corporate work in a streamlined and flawless manner. Each image and video is taken with your goals in mind. You never have to fear that your videos or photos will be anything short of stunning and eye catching, as he takes his time to carefully edit the images and videos together, creating a flawless piece of art without going overboard or leaning on over the top exaggerations.

Elevate your business media with Chris Landry’s PR photography and press videos.