Professional Bellevue Photography and Videography

Chris Landry offers photography and videography in Bellevue, Washington. He specializes in lifestyle, events and corporate photos and video production. Weddings are brighter and dynamic through his dazzling photos and engaging videos. Share the memories of a lifetime for generations ahead with the compassionate eye Chris provides during the filming of your special day. In the backdrop of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, your photos will be painted with the natural beauty of the landscape. Bellevue is the city of technology and fashion, making the perfect environment for both creative and corporate media.

Bellevue Photography

Chris works with many different individual and corporate clients in Bellevue. His ability to shift gears and adjust his perspective to develop the perfect collection of photos ensures your investment is a smart one. Your requests and preferences are what he thrives on, utilizing creativity to deliver a one of a kind project for your personal and professional media needs. Dynamic editing and timing are his specialty in refined and visually engaging photography.

Bellevue Videography

Expect a professional and authentic video package from Chris Landry. His training in corporate, personal, wildlife, fashion, law, finance and more is a solid foundation for exceptional work. His proudest trait is the ability to never miss a deadline, and adjust the scene if your needs suddenly change. Some of his best Bellevue videography is featured here. Video is constantly changing, and Chris’s sharp eye for editing will deliver the best moments from your event.

Event Videography in Bellevue

Birthdays, retirements, school reunions and more are the perfect time to invite a photographer to the party. Personalities and smiles fly across the room all night long. Events photography in Bellevue is Chris Landry’s specialty. Large or private gatherings can positively benefit from beautiful promotional images and videos. Choose to infuse your next event with the lasting impression of memories on a screen, and request videography or photography packages. His work with both families and high fashion models results in your photos being genuine and flattering for all subjects.

Corporate Photos and Videos for Business

Chris produces unforgettable corporate photos and videos for business, highlighting the best moments, for a flawless delivery. From training videos to product photos, his ability to edit to perfection has been renowned by clients again and again. Crisp, clean designs and layouts make the difference when you are delivering a message; trust Chris with your corporate and professional needs. Video content is rapidly growing in popularity and your business should be doing it too. So why not create video content to support your remote service delivery? You can use this video content to showcase your services to potential clients to help get them on board. If you’re worried about sending these large video files to clients, visit a website like to learn more!

Photos and Videos for Marketing and Advertising

Photos and videos for marketing and advertising require a detailed approach that is no stranger to Landry’s experience, whether it is as a part of the new seo services you’re bringing in or to launch a campaign of your own. Strike a balance between contemporary and refined by working with him and elevate your business into the modern day. Videos are an ideal choice to communicate a message and bring personality into your company and connect with your customers. You may even find that more people will remember your business if it has a memorable video attached to it. Sometimes, even the likes of motion graphics explainer videos could help to boost the marketing portion of your company. Giving businesses the opportunity to create a video that is unique and creative may help your organization reach a wider audience. Chris understands the need for professional, yet welcoming, videos to elevate your influence in the marketplace. Marketing relies on sharing, and his work aligns with the modern needs of consumers.

Bellevue Product Photography and Videography

When it comes to displaying your products and services with elegance, Chris is the ideal partner to work with. His ability to enhance beautiful details and set the tone for your company’s values will benefit your marketing ventures. Take advantage of the most valuable resources for your business, and seek a photo and video collection from Chris Landry photo.